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an exclusive global provider of truly exceptional and unique tire lettering and tire branding accessories that provides engineered solutions for all your tire branding needs. The products offered are fabricated especially for automobiles, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. Tire-Style gives you the ability to customize your tire stickers any way you want; you can decide whether you want them to be for the short run or the long haul. Our raised-rubber tire lettering will not just give you more authenticity as a brand but will make your ride look amazing at the same time!

We offer tire branding products to our customers, and you don't have to waste any time as you can apply them right away or you can just visit one of our authorized dealers and have them installed by a trained professional. Our affordable tires stickers, tire lettering, and tire decals are top of the line quality, they have been tested to survive many environments and have extremely high durability! Our durable tire stickers, tire letters, and tire decals are sold globally at exceedingly affordable prices. We continue to work hard and improve our products bringing clients the finest and most attractive tire branding designs out there!

V2 Individual letters

V2 Individual Tire letters (Lettering)

A world first: Tyre marking the way you want

Our proven and tested methods will allow our clients to make any text they desire with our complete tire lettering solutions from A to Z and 0 through 9 in a total of 14 colors.

Our products are extremely beneficial for tuners who have stylish cars but are missing the final touch. For an affordable price, you can easily purchase any text for your tires and add a stylish sporty look to your vehicle, make your ride stand out and look amaizing! You can also use our V2 tire letters to advertise your brand or product in a truly eye-catching way!

Our tire letters are designed to be easily visible on the tires to maximize exposure and can even be seen clearly and visibly from a distance! Our letters can also be seen easily while driving thanks to the strobe effect. Our tire stickers are high in durability and effectiveness they are resistant against:

  • Car-washes
  • Ultra Violate Rays (UV)
  • High-gloss
  • Dirt and grease

They are also Self-adhesive and very high quality

Sample applciations:

  • Club names
  • Corporate advertising
  • Promotion
  • Football club
  • Web addresses
  • Advertising

Technical information:

  • No need to dismantle the tyre
  • car-wash resistant:  Yes
  • tested speed: approx. 290 km/h
  • UV-resistance: 3 to 5 years
  • Can be removed, leaves no residue:  Yes

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Neon Yellow

Neon Green

Neon Red

Neon Orange

Neon Pink

Glossy Chrome

Glossy Gold

Reflex foil White

Reflex foil Black

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After successful registration and verification, we will then send you our dealer conditions incl. colour chart. The free sample packs, consisting of a sample font and our primer for testing, will be sent to you along with the conditions. If there is an interest in exclusive distributor rights for a particular area, you can communicate this to us in the registration below in the message